J.Lo names Hollywood's best booty

These are your top moments in late night TV.

At number one, Jennifer Lopez stopped by ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and told a caller who has the best butt in Hollywood, other than her.

“Kim Kardashian or Beyonce?”


“Are those the only choices?”

“No, not in a bad way.”

“Yes, no there’s a galaxy of booties out there.”

“So many booties.”

OK, we know who it’s not. J. Lo ended up picking Jessica Biel, saying she has a toned bod.

At number two, George Lopez offered parenting advice ‘The Tonight Show.’ He told Jimmy Fallon not to be afraid to get strict with his daughter — like he did recently.

GEORGE: “You know what I did? I took the door off her bedroom.”

JIMMY: “Smart.”

GEORGE: “And she's, like, ‘Why isn't there a door on my bedroom?’ I'm, like, ‘You know, that's feng shui.”

Very sneaky, George. But we’re guessing she didn’t buy that one.

And at number three, Paul Rudd recently went to a bachelor party in Ireland. He brought an Irish soccer jersey with him and wasn’t going to break it out at first. That is, until he got a few beers in him at a local pub.

“I’m like, ‘I'm going to go grab that jersey and put it on!’ I'm going to show these people that I am one of them. And everyone there is just immediately starts teasing me.”

Turns out, Paul doesn’t know a whole lot about soccer, and everyone in the pub could tell and made fun of his lack of knowledge. He probably won’t wear that jersey out in Ireland again any time soon.
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